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La Tête dans les Étoiles

  • Skills: Compositing

  • Production companies: CG Cinema, Wrong Men North

  • Director: Emmanuel Gillibert

  • Cinematographer: Jérôme Alméras

  • VFX shots #: 55+


Ali, a thirty-something from the suburbs, still lives with his mother and 8-year-old daughter. A slacker with no particular ambitions, he gets by on odd jobs as a fast-food delivery boy. Following a delivery, he finds himself propelled into space, aboard the ISS station, by an accident of fate. The conquest of space is about to write a surprising and unprecedented chapter in its history…

Our work

For « La Tête dans les Étoiles », we handled a range of tasks, including matte painting, keying, wire removal, and screen replacement.

The production had a very tight deadline: a narrow window to accomplish the delivery of over 50 shots. A challenge that demanded meticulous planning, streamlined workflows, and unwavering dedication from our small team.