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Les Snuls

  • Skills: Compositing

  • Production companies: Kwassa Films

  • Director: Guillermo Guiz & Gilles Dal

  • Cinematographer: Christophe Beaucarne

  • VFX shots #: 16


Guillermo Guiz and Gilles Dal are working on a documentary about the SNULS, a group of comedians who used to appear on Canal+ Belgium some thirty years ago, and who, when asked the eternal question “Can we laugh at everything?” answered yes.

But since then, the world has changed, and with it mentalities, and therefore humor. How, then, can this documentary be made without lapsing into blissful nostalgia or anachronistic indignation? That’s the question that will drive Guillermo and Gilles’ original investigation, as they set out to meet the SNULS and their fellow travelers (Benoît Poelvoorde, Bouli Lanners, Laurence Bibot, etc.), while deploying a wealth of inventiveness to finalize their film.

Our work

During this project, our responsibility was to carefully replace screens on a variety of devices, spanning from computers to a cinema screen, and even on a treadmill screen.