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  • Skills: Compositing

  • Production company: Kwassa Films

  • Director: Olivier Pairoux

  • Director of Photography: Thomas Rentier


After blowing up the earth, the super-villain Destructor feels very lonely on his tiny piece of land lost in space. One day, Cosmo, a high-tech toy robot, crosses his path and mistakes him for Brian, the little boy he was meant for on his birthday.

Our work

On Puzzle, we had the privilege of creating over 40 incredible shots. We were also on-set supervisors, ensuring seamless integration between our work and the live-action footage & the miniature work. 

We replaced all instances of the character Cosmo’s screen with an animated pixel art face. This innovative approach not only added a playful and nostalgic touch to the film but also served as a powerful tool for conveying Cosmo’s feelings. 

And there’s one more special character that we brought to life in Puzzle – a charming CG animated fly that made its way into multiple shots.