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  • Skills: Compositing, 3D modeling, 3D tracking, FX

  • Production company: Kwassa Films

  • Director: Olivier Pairoux

  • Director of Photography: Thomas Rentier

  • VFX shots #: 80+


Dreamy and gifted at the same time, 11-year-old Jim lives with his father, an astronaut who will soon be going into space. In space. During a competition for young scientists at his new school, he is asked to work with Emma, a sensitive and touching young girl. Despite Emma’s reluctance, Jim convinces her to secretly build a hot-air balloon. to secretly build a hot-air balloon. When Jim learns that his father has lied to him and abandoned his mission, he sets out to prove that he was wrong to give up on his dreams. Ready to do anything to achieve Jim and Emma take up this crazy and exciting challenge, which will gradually bring them closer together.

Our work

Our team worked on over 80 shots for the film Spaceboy, channeling our passion and expertise into each frame. 

Beyond our visual effects work, we had the privilege of serving as on-set supervisors, collaborating closely with the talented cast and crew of Spaceboy. 

This hands-on involvement allowed us to ensure a smooth integration between live-action sequences and our visual effects. By combining practical effects with our digital expertise, we brought the director’s vision to life with meticulous attention to detail.

Additionally, we designed user interfaces that enhanced the realism and authenticity of Spaceboy’s world. From pixel-art games to an MS-DOS social network, kid drawing and 80’s tshirts, every detail was carefully crafted to add depth and nostalgia to the film.

Moreover, we extended practical sets with digital environments, expanding the scope of Spaceboy’s universe. Whether it involved enhancing landscapes, incorporating architectural elements, or improving existing scenes, our set extensions elevated the visual storytelling, immersing audiences in the rich world the director imagined for Spaceboy.

VFX Breakdown