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Who we are

We are Limonade,
a VFX boutique based in Belgium.

Limonade is a young visual effects boutique that brings a fresh perspective to your visual projects. We specialize in crafting visual effects for films, commercials, and television. For your basic and most creative needs, we offer flexible solutions.

As a carefully selected group of creative VFX talents, we thrive on close collaboration with the film and television industry in Belgium and beyond. Our work in vfx goes from wire removals and screen replacements to matte painting and 3d compositing. We also excel in various areas such as motion design, movie titles, and poster design. Our work is centered around efficiency, quality, and fostering open dialogue.

Want to work with us?

Join our team

We’re constantly seeking enthusiastic freelancers! Whether you are a compositor, a 3D generalist, a matte painter, or an FX artist, we’d love to connect with you!

With our semi-remote pipeline, we can collaborate with talented individuals from anywhere across the globe.